"This was a great placement for Nathan... He has bonded with your staff and his friends there at the home."

--Nikki, Nathan's Mom


"I have been working in health care for over thirty years and have seen few ICF-DD homes that match the quality of compassionate care that Provident Place homes provide.  I would not hesitate to recommend these homes.  They are truly exceptional."

-- Colleen O'Neill

Recreational Therapist

Provident Place

Our Clients


High quality services for adolescent and adult males

We serve male consumers ages 10-55 with mild to moderate mental delays and underlying medical issues.  Our consumers are highly active, energetic and dynamic.  Each of the facilities has an environment that is wholly warm, friendly and exciting.  Our consumers are extraordinary individuals who reach out to learn and grow.  Provident Place provides such a place for them.  Our clients have bonded with their peers and the family-like homes allow them to develop positive and healthy relationships with peers, staff and communities.

  • Our three residential care facilities are specifically designed to meet the needs of adolescent and adult males with developmental disabilities. 
  • Our consumers are males, ages range from 10-55 years of age. 
  • Our clients are ambulatory.
  • Our clients must meet the State of California medical requirements with a clear diagnosis of Developmental Disability and qualify for intermediate (habilitative) care.
  • We celebrate with our clients all achievements whether big or small.
  • Our clients represent great diversity.