"I have been working in health care for over thirty years and have seen few ICF-DD homes that match the quality of compassionate care that Provident Place homes provide.  I would not hesitate to recommend these homes.  They are truly exceptional."

-- Colleen O'Neill

Recreational Therapist

Provident Place


"This was a great placement for Nathan... He has bonded with your staff and his friends there at the home."

--Nikki, Nathan's Mom


                                        Mariah Place


Mariah Place is located in the high desert community of Apple Valley.  Mariah Place sits on a one-acre lot, which provides large front and back yards for outdoor activities, large established trees for summertime shade, and a full court basketball area.  The home has four bedrooms, two full baths, and one-half bath.  Additionally, it has two large living rooms and a country kitchen.  The back patio is a large covered area, with comfortable seating, picnic table and a BBQ.  The patio also offers a quiet place for those seeking solitude or private discussions.  For added safety, the home is fully protected with a fire suppression system, fire extinguishers and hard-wired smoke alarms.  The home is located within two miles of an Apple Valley Fire Station and is less than six miles from St. Mary's Regional Hospital.  The home is beautiful and melds seamlessly into the neighborhood.

What makes Mariah Place special?

Mariah Place is an adult, male only home that includes very active young men who have, in many respects, grown up together as brothers, sharing in daily and memorable life events.  These young men enjoy playing basketball and kickball together as well as going on outings in the community.

Mariah Place makes up the most mature males at Provident Place; teaching them to be as self-reliant as they can possibly be in this family oriented environment.  Naturally, this home is alive with energy that is released regularly through activities such as playing on the full basketball court located in the backyard, kick ball in the backyard or exercising regularly to maintain good health, flexibility and strength.

The home's greatest focus is developing social and daily living skills that are acceptable, both in and outside of the home.  Social skills are developed through coaching by the staff.  These young men have an opportunity to practice their social skills in the community as well as during visits with friends and family.  Money management is another key area of learning for these young men.  All situations and interactions include full discussions and interventions as needed per each individual's strengths and needs. The basics of living skills are a strong foundation for those who reside at Mariah Place.

The young men at Mariah Place work on maintaining a more mature outlook in terms of daily living.  They learn to manage their behavior in an adult way through communication and discussions in a more personable manner.  There is emphasis on positive role modeling exhibited by the caring and attentive staff.  At the Mariah Place, our staff prepare the young men for "real world" engagement through warmth, love and compassion.

It's important to note that those who are admitted to Provident Place are enrolled into our Program because they have specials needs and require a great deal of supervision and structure to manage mild to severe physical, emotion and mental disabilities or any combination thereof.  The Program aims to create the least restrictive environment possible within the limitation created by the medical and emotional conditions each young man experiences.