Ituma Place


Ituma Place sits on a one-acre lot, which provides a large front and back yard for our outdoor activities, large established trees for summertime shade, and a basketball court. The home has four bedrooms, two full baths, two large living rooms and a beautiful country kitchen.  The back patio is a large covered area, with comfortable seating, picnic table and BBQ.  The patio offers a quiet place for those seeking solitude or for private conversations.  For added safety, the home is fully protected with a fire suppression system, fire extinguishers and hardwired smoke alarms.  The home is located within two miles of an Apple Valley Fire Station and is less than six miles from St. Mary Regional Hospital.  The home is attractive, well maintained and melds seamlessly into the friendly neighborhood.

What makes Ituma Place Special?

Ituma Place is a youthful home for mature male teenagers and young adult males that provides the residents with the opportunity to live in a structured environment where each resident looks to the Program Manager and staff to set the tone for their surroundings, behavior, activities, etc.  Relationships are very important at Ituma Place as these boys live together like family and have bonded with one another in a very special way. 

The age group is for mature teenagers and young male adults; it does not include adolescents or older residents.  These young men have enough free time to discover who they are and what they want to do within the context of their age and abilities.  The mood in the home gives these boys plenty of choices in their daily lives with enough structure to continue to enable them to grow and develop in our family oriented home.

It is important to stress that those admitted into Provident Place (Ituma Place) are enrolled into our Program because they have special needs and require a great deal of supervision and structure to manage mild to severe physical, emotional and mental disabilities or any combination thereof.  The program aims to create the least restrictive environment possible within the individuals limitations and medical and emotional conditions.

Social and Recreational Programs

Ituma House is very unique and offers exciting programs.  With seven young adult males in the home, the energy level is phenomenal and constant.  We have brought together a mixture of young men from different backgrounds, with different family dynamics, with different physical and mental challenges. We have watched them become brothers in all aspects except genetics.  They are active, boisterous, fun-loving men who participate in community sports, attend community education and recreational events and are taken by any new electronic game or toy.  They love music and dance, and if it were possible, they would spend their entire summer vacation in the community pool.  It is important to note that these programs are pivotal in the growth and development of each resident, we are aware that lack of impulse control can place them or others at risk, which underlines the need for their placement at Provident Place.  Our staffs are highly trained, and utilize a philosophy of counseling and role-playing to assist in replacing situational inappropriate behaviors with more positive interactions. They also provide a highly structured environment that allows the residents to feel safe and comfortable in a family-like setting.

Program Elements

Located in Apple Valley, which is a pleasant city in western Mojave Desert, Ituma Place is an 8 bed ICF/DD-H facility. Our program is designed for developmentally disabled clients with medical conditions who may also have socially or situational inappropriate behaviors. Additionally, our residents have a wide range of medical challenges ranging from Precocious Puberty, Fragile X and seizure disorders.  We accept male clients only.  Our objective is to provide the guidance and supports that will allow our residents to grow into healthy, productive adults who will reach their highest level of independence.  Our staff is highly trained and utilizes a behavioral management program to assist in replacing situational inappropriate behaviors with more positive interactions. The staff provides a highly structured environment that allow the residents to feel safe and comfortable in a family-like setting.  Our staff is caring and very vested in the resident's welfare.

Provident Place


"I have been working in health care for over thirty years and have seen few ICF-DD homes that match the quality of compassionate care that Provident Place homes provide.  I would not hesitate to recommend these homes.  They are truly exceptional."

-- Colleen O'Neill

Recreational Therapist


"This was a great placement for Nathan... He has bonded with your staff and his friends there at the home."

--Nikki, Nathan's Mom